Bollywood Videos : Latest भोजपुरी Video Song Tracks


Are kaisan ba ? Tohar naam ka hai ? Tum ka karat hava ?Hum pichla hafta filam dekhle hai! Hum ka kari? Hiyan aava ! That was just a glimpse of the beautiful yet simple Bhojpuri language.Wel ,if you are from Bihar Jharkhand region then you would have easily understood what these lines meant. In case if you aren’t , still there’s nothing to worry about because the moment you would hear even the slightest of the Bhojpuri language conversations , you would either break into major bursts of laughter or listen quite keenly about what is being said. That’s the magic of Bhojpuri language. They keep you mesmerized from the first instant. If by chance you happen to listen Bhojpuri being said somewhere, it would be natural for you to just turn around in that direction and observe the highly engrossing conversations. Same goes for the Bhojpuri songs ,movies and videos.

Bhojpuri videos have a unique yet positive vibe surrounding them which captivates the audience’s attention into watching them again and again. You will be amazed by the likes and views these Bhojpuri videos garner over time in various popular video hosting sites across the internet. If you have a look at Youtube and simply search “bhojpuri videos” then you would come across thousands of results in a second interval filled with Bhojpuri songs, movies and any , each with likes in the range of few thousands and views as high as in millions.

The kind of fan following that bhojpuri cinema has is something that you wouldn’t be able to find across any part of the nation. Well , you could say it is loyal , but at the same time it is also content driven. It is not as if any movie would pop into the cinema houses or theatres and would be a be carried away by the audience ,thereby emerging as a superhit or a blockbuster. Yes , the superstar’s inclusion or stardom that one could say does play a major role in bringing people to the theatres but ultimately it has to be the movie that must appeal to the audience with its songs,direction, storyline and the dialogue deliveries.

One can only make a wild guess to the number of people who are the ardent fans of the bhojpuri videos. The fun fact is that people who are not even close to the bihar jharkhand proximity also make it a habit of spreading positive word of mouth regarding any big release of the Bhojpuri video , movie or song in the bhojiwood region , there is a certain population among the Indian audience as well that might not like them, considering the content displayed in the videos ( movies and songs ) can be at times way too vulgar for anyone’s view or could be termed obnoxious for everyone to watch at a moment.