Bhojpuri Song : Hungama भोजपुरी Song List


India should be termed as the land of music, if not in in the World map then surely among the Asian countries. Now you might be wondering what is so special about India ? Is it because of the presence of some highly acclaimed singers ? Is to due to the diverse music interests ? Or is it because of the rich musical heritage ? Want to know why ? Yes, Yes and Yes. You could say that India is home to varied type of genres and also houses people who like listening or watching to such varied interests. Every year around thousands of songs make their way into the digital world that too different genres appealing to different set of people. Some like the romantic numbers that slowly sets the tone,while some like the fact paced numbers that compels you to shake your legs on the floor, some like to hum on the peppy music while some find solace in the sufi music. Well what if I tell you that in India,there is in fact ,a regional music that possesses just the right blend of peppiness,romance, comedy, masala and entertainment to give you 5 to 6 minute of assured breathtaking, power packed yet intriguing dance numbers. Well, any guesses ? Is it Tollywood song ? Sandalwood ? Kollywood ? Ollywood ? No, you got it all wrong. It is none other than our very own and highly adored Bhojpuri music. Yes , Bhojpuri songs are perhaps the one of their kind. You could probably find a replacement for any other regional or internal songs but not for Bhojpuri numbers. Bhojpuri songs have a certain degree of freshness in them which will surely leave you completely spellbound with their magic. Bhojpuri songs have a flair of captivating the audience’s attention with their mesmerizing content. People talk about how bollywood songs and other regional songs from Tollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood and how at times could be repetitive top in their content , music or be a victim of lack any creativity. But, not once, can you blame the Bhojpuri songs for the same. Bhojpuri songs have a tinch of simplicity and innocence in them which is quite uncommon especially if you talk about the songs that are being produced these days.

Bhojpuri songs have that inextinguishable fire in them, something that you would never be able to find even in Bollywood songs or across any regional songs of India. Bhojpuri songs have that spark in them which force people to come back and shake some legs on the floor. Just turn on some Bhojpuri music and you would see hoards of people going haywire , dancing like wild animals possessed on those beats. Bhojpuri songs being highly favoured and loved by the people of the bihar jharkhand and the nearby regions is something that doesn’t sound any extraordinary, but the fact that it is loved by people of all ages across various parts of the country and also by the non Indian residents is what makes them a true jewel for the nation.

They have just what it takes to give other regional song and bollywood chartbusters a run for their money. You can even conduct an online poll on the social media sites regarding the Bhojpuri song’s popularity or ceven ask people in person to know the reason behind the massive insanity for the Bhojpuri songs. All praises , that is all you would get in response to your questions. Be it their storyline, dialogue deliveries, songs or direction , people just go erratic when any Bhojpuri movie hits the theatres and it is a common sight to witness the public dance then and there itself on the bhojpuri numbers. The Bhojpuri songs seal the fate of the movies even before the movies hit the theatres. The more crispier, and chirpier the bhojpuri songs are, higher the chances of public just banging into the theatres in full throttle.