Bhojpuri Gana Video : New Released भोजपुरी गाना वीडियो


Ever wondered what your life would have been without the slight tinge of bhojpuri music , bhojpuri gana video and the ever famous bhojpuri cinema ? Well , if you happen to be from the states of bihar and jharkhand or even some parts of Uttar Pradesh then probably you would have lived a very boring and low life devoid of any form of entertainment, masala , juiciness and spiciness of even the slightest order for sure.

Talk about bhojpuri cinema and the first thing that would erupt in your mind would be the overly famous bhojpuri gana video “lollipop lagelu “, “Tanik sa jeans dhila karo“ and other mega popular gane which have been instrumental in contributing around fifty percent of their popularity among the masses across India. What amazes me is the liking the people of bihar jharkhand and other parts of the nation have towards the bhojpuri gana video. The audience feels a certain degree of attachment when the bhojpur gana gets played either in their radio, tv or cell phones which just helps them to ooze down the pressure from their minds and makes them go bananas for the moment.

The present scenario is such that the bhojpuri gana video could give bollywood songs and other regional numbers a run for their money. Don’t believe me ? Well it the gospel truth. You can conduct an online poll over the social media by putting up a question or even ask the general public about the reason behind the unwavering fan following of the bhojpuri gane video, only then you would realize how different the impact of bhojpuri cinema and music has been over the public in these years.

In fact a competition between a bhojpuri gana video and any other form of regional music or let us assume Bollywood music would be won by the former ,any day that too with a huge margin. The craze of bhojpuri gana video is such that even if people were asked crawl their way into the cinema houses to watch their favorite stars entertaining piece then also people would oblige to it and plunge their way with full strength into the theaters. Let me present you an example here that could give you the power of bhojpuri cinema versus the Bollywood.

Recently , Salman khan , the bhai of bollywood popularly known as the Dabangg khan and the most controversial khan of the Indian film industry got his movie Race 3 released on Eid , last week on 15th June. The movie witnessed some outstanding collections across various parts of the nation despite getting negative reviews from the critics and the audience, thanks to some loyal Salman khan fans to have visited the theatres again and again t make it a hit. But not many noticed that the so called over hyped Race 3 failed to make massive collections in the bihar jharkhand region. Some even declared it a below average grosser in those regions. Well, that was quite a shocker, considering the movie did a stupendous business of raking in more than 100 crores in the first 3 days itself and to have cruised its way to the 150 crore club. Want to know why ? Well, the superstar of bollywood had to face a tough competition from the bhojpuri superstar Dinesh lal yadav Nirahua’s action packed movie Border. Yes, that is the bitter truth. Nirahua single handedly compeed the people to come barging down the theatres to watch Border , instead of Salman’s action flick. Strange , isn’t it ? The x factor of Nirahua, and the movie’s songs made the audience go haywire since its release.

Bhojpuri gane video could be considered as a nicely prepared cup of tea. Now you would probably be curious with this comparison and think expect a proper justification in return. Well, let me elaborate on this one with an example. Assume that you have had a bad day at work or happened to go through some stressful hours in days duration. You come back home and the first thing that you long for is a cup of freshly prepared ginger flavored tea that could help you shed off all your tiredness. So, you end up preparing one for yourself by adding milk, water along with tea powder and sugar in the right amounts which ultimately add up to give one fine brewing cup of tea. Similar is the case with the Bhojpur gane. They must have all their ingredients , namely the lyrics, soundtrack , music director, choreographer , actors and actresses and the director , working in accordance with each other to produce one scintillating piece of performance that remains in the minds of people for the years to come.