Bhojpuri DJ Gana Songs: Remixed भोजपुरी DJ गाना


A bhojpuri wedding without the presence of deafening bhojpuri dj songs gana could be a scenario like chai without biscuits, idli without sambhar, Sachin without his 100 centuries and a punjabi party without couple of drinks. Howsoever small or large that event might be, if it doesn’t host a dj night that plays Bhojpuri dj gana songs under the moonlight then it won’t be worth attending. Bhojpuri dj gana songs go hand in hand with the parties, celebrations and at times even a companion to shed off the depressions. The level of energy and cheerfulness that bhojpuri dj songs gana manage to bring in on any occasion is what makes them a hot-favorite across the nation.

Well, have you ever wondered what your life would have been without bhojpuri dj gana and songs? Boring? that could be one feeling to describe how you would feel or perhaps dispirited? Well, they do add a certain degree of energy and enthusiasm when played in the background. A feeling of complete dearth? Yes, without them there would have been a sure shot feeling of unhappiness and uselessness. Perhaps there would have been a complete drought in the lake of entertainment for the bhojpuri cinema without the presence of dj songs.

If you are a bihari then you ought to have a biased review when asked about bhojpuri dj songs and gana. Probably you would not find a single person from the bihar Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh belt who will criticize or pass negative comments when questioned about the Bhojpuri dj gana songs and the dj nights that happen across various regions of the states. People hoard up in large numbers just to witness or get involved in some nonsensical yet entertaining and engrossing form of entertainment. The level of fun and masti that Bhojpuri dj songs have in store for the audience is something that could not be measured. People dance their heart out as soon as the bhojpuri dj music drops in their ears and within a minute or two, the entire crowd just goes bananas. Be it a 8 year old or an 80 year old, male or female , people of all age groups could be witnessed stomping in , on the Bhojpuri dj gana like a bunch of mad children , enjoying their level best to each and every beat.

Every year around hundreds and thousands of songs make their appearances in front of the public. Be it from Bollywood, Sandalwood, Kollywood, Tollywood or Punjwood. Every film industry tries its level best to ensure their audience get the entertainment they crave for in the form of movies, songs, dance performances, the on screen and off screen chemistry of the the hero and heroines, publicity stunts, extraordinary piece of direction, cheesy one liners ,mind boggling and highly captivating content or in any other form that is accepted and liked by the masses thereby giving them a reason to go blazing towards the theatres. And why not? There ought to be some reasons to make a movie attain a successful run at the box office. But there’s one film industry, that specially does not need that much of an effort in convincing the masses to go and visit the cinema houses to make their films a box office.

There is in fact a comparison that people generally make when asked about the evergreen bhojpuri dj gana. Though it is a peculiar one, still, it is a comparison worth sharing. There is a statement which is made each time Lionel Messi, one of the greats of the football fraternity, arrives to take up a penalty, or hurls a smacking delivery into the nets, or pulls an unimaginable feat on the field, he is called as the man for all occasions. Similar is the case with the Bhojpuri dj songs. They are the songs for all occasions. One could hear Bhojpuri dj songs gana being played at deafening volumes on the birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, school parties, college parties , any festive season or during any event whatsoever big or small.